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The Travel Peach is the most trusted travel guide, highlighting popular world travel destinations such as Mexico, Greece, Las Vegas, Caribbean, Hawaii and, the Philippines. When traveling, there are many variables to consider knowing that not all travel destinations are the same. Are you visiting Las Vegas during the chili winter? or are you visiting during the heat of summer. When traveling to Greece, should you book your hotels in advance? or are you more likely to find better deals as you arrive at the airport. As an online travel guide, we offer tons of advice as you prepare to travel to both popular and unique travel destinations. Our biggest piece of advice is to be safe! Prepare for your vacation and be aware of the circumstances in each location you plan to travel. Thank you so much for visiting The Travel Peach travel guide.


Travel to the Philippines


Knowing what to do in the Philippines before your travel is important. The nation of the Philippines is made up of over 7000 unique islands and it will be up to you as the traveler to choose the handful of those that you would like to visit



Travel to Lake Tahoe

lake tahoe

Travel to Lake Tahoe, located between California and Nevada, is one of the most attractive tourist spots in the region. Tourists will surely enjoy the beautiful scenery at the location. Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America and is listed as the 26th largest lake by volume in the world. A lot of hotels and resorts are offering any affordable prices near the lake, which can suit both your budget and experience.


Travel to the Aruba

aruba beaches

It is surprise to many travels to find out that Aruba had a dry climate with a cactus-strewn landscape even though it is situated in the Caribbean region. Visit Aruba and find a warm and sunny area with numerous white sandy beaches located on the western and southern coast of the island where most of the tourism can be found. It is in this area where hotels and resorts will afford the traveler with all their needs in a very luxurious atmosphere.


Travel to South Padre Island

south padre

South Padre Island is a barrier island along the Texas gulf coast accessible by a causeway from the town of Port Isabel. South Padre is home to many watersport activities with personal water craft rental, kite boarding and dolphin watches being the most popular. Other favorites are horseback riding adventures on the beach and ecological tours that explore Padre Island National Seashore.




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